Wassima Gamal,

Sorry about that. Sometimes I forgot to link to stuff that I decided to leave untranslated. It’s from Dante’s Inferno:

Vero e che ‘n su la proda mi trovai

de la valle d’ abisso dolorosa

che ‘ntrono accoglie d’infiniti guai.

It’s from the fourth canto of the poem and it’s what Dante thinks upon waking from a fainting fit when he finds himself confronted with the first circle of Hell. The Hollanders translate it as:

I found myself upon the brink

of an abyss of suffering

filled with the roar of endless woe

Hope this helps. I thought leaving the Dante untranslated made for a funny juxtaposition with the Pulp Fiction reference.

Thanks for reading this year! I hope you’re enjoying yourself. Take care.



For my friends and family, love. For my enemies, durian fruit.

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