Recipe for an American Poem


4 ghetto porch lights

1-tablespoon electricity

¼ cup Internet

2 foreign nationals

3 Powers

4 cups running water

1-pound Los Angeles smog

1 film reel, grated

18 color television sets

¼ cup jazz music

1/3-cup hip-hop

1-tablespoon rock

6 McDonalds_ apple_ pie.jpg

2 pounds fresh pornography

3 traveler’s checks

1 ear of Mickey Mouse




Separate powers.

Boil foreign nationals and return to simmer. Stir in film reel and traveler’s checks.

Peel ghetto porch lights. Set aside.

Rinse Mickey Mouse ear and drain well.

Slice McDonalds_apple_ pie.jpg into ½ inch squares. Place in bowl with running water. Mix with jazz music, hip-hop, rock, and Internet. Refrigerate.

Wet fresh pornography and coat with electricity.

Knead Los Angeles smog until desired consistency.

Dice color television sets.

In pot, mix all and heat on high for 2.5 centuries.

Drink beer and count money.

Serve with punctuation (optional).

For my friends and family, love. For my enemies, durian fruit.

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