How To Take Revenge

Day 293 of A Year of War and Peace

This is the most thoughtless entry of A Year of War and Peace you will read. I do not endorse the barbarous and violent nature of its concluding meditation. It’s just an occasion to share a pretty bad ass Seneca quote I’ve always enjoyed. Today’s reading offers just the perfect opportunity to do so.

We’re offered a short chapter today, just under two pages. We start with more of Kutuzov’s famous patience and we conclude with more of Napoleon’s active, reactionary approach to warfare. We know which method ultimately proves victorious: Kutuzov’s cold dish rather than Napoleon’s fast food. There is a lesson here for those who would take their revenge. Though, let me say, I remain devoted to the more virtuous approach of Marcus Aurelius meditated upon back on Day 253.


One who endures deep wounds mutely, with cool patience, can repay them; anger concealed wreaks havoc; hatred declared loses its chance for revenge.

Seneca, Medea

For my friends and family, love. For my enemies, durian fruit.

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