A Year of War and Peace+ Day 15

In which the Rostóv dinner party teaches us that we must use our precious time wisely


War and Peace — Book One

Chapter Fifteen

Countess Rostóva, with her daughters and a large number of guests, was already seated in the drawing room. The count took the gentlemen into his study and showed them his choice collection of Turkish pipes. From time to time he went out to ask: “Hasn’t she come yet?” They were expecting Márya Dmítrievna Akhrosímova, known in society as le terrible dragon, a lady distinguished not for wealth or rank, but for common sense and frank plainness of speech. Márya Dmítrievna was known to the Imperial family as well as to all Moscow and Petersburg, and both cities wondered at her, laughed privately at her rudenesses, and told good stories about her, while none the less all without exception respected and feared her.

A Year of War and Peace — Day 15

Invoke posterity, talk to me

Speechmaking to Worms

The Rostóv party has split into two factions. On one side we have the Countess Rostóva, her daughters, and a large number of their guests gathered together in the drawing-room. The talk here is about Márya Dmítrievna Akhrosímova, a famous society woman noted for her sharp wit and bravery of speech. Everybody wants to know when she’ll be arriving. They can’t wait for her.

Daily Meditation

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